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This report is partly based on recommendation exposed in SIMAVI’s report 2015 in which suggesting further consideration on the sustainability of STBM in Indonesia. To follow up, research collaboration between SIMAVI and University of Brawijaya is taken. The agreement between these two organizations has focused on conducting field research in three selected districts in Eastern part of Indonesia namely District Timor Tengah Selatan, District Sikka which both are located in East Nusa Tenggara province and District Biak which is located in Papua province. The selection of the three was mainly based on STBM achievement identified in those districts as well as indicated positive trending.

Completion of this report and its publication are possible thanks to effort by members of the Brawijaya team led by Anggun Susilo assisted by Eva Wishanti as well as remarkable contribution by the rest of the team (Haikal, Hilmy, Lita, Dhany and Farida). In addition, the study is hardly successful without continuous support from SIMAVI’s program officer Miss Rustina and tireless effort by SIMAVI’s local partner in the three districts; PLAN in TTS, YDD in Sikka and Rumsram in Biak.

Last, this report benefits from continuous effort and sharing by district staffs in three locations. They are very helpful on helping the team coordinating and collecting data during the visit. Likewise, this report acknowledges and would like to thank head of villages (and Kampungs) and many community residents in the study who are willing to be informants and respondents.

Full Version: Draft Final SIMAVI